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investing in the people, planet and prosperity.

Deforestation and climate change. Problems that need to be addressed immediately.

The 3P Initiative’s objective is to ensure that the forest environment remain intact. One of the workable solutions is to carefully manage forest resources by eliminating clear-cutting. It is a game of equilibrium – the felling of older trees that does occur should be balanced by the planting of young trees.

We capitalize on the unique features of fast-growing timber. These timber species are multipurpose and profitable due to is rapid growth, high yield rate, and regeneration abilities. Because of these properties, it has high demand in the domestic and international markets.

How Can I Contribute?

We are here to manage your contribution – with remarkable profits through the commercialization and sale of timber.

If you believe in our movement and want to make Malaysia a greener place, contact us for more details.

Our Benefits

Five Days a Week

We highly appreciate the schedule of work of our clients and we offer round-the-clock.

All Tools Provided

No spades or green-thumbs required. We manage from A to Z.

Same Day Service

Let us know if you need to meet us immediately. We are ever ready.

Despite Weather

Rain or shine, we are ever ready for all kind of weather.

Individual Approach

Every service is strongly individualized to fit all of your requirement.

Community Centric

Community benefits such as bespoke trips, personalized tree terraces, skill enrichments programs etc

About Us

The 3P initiative is managed by M&H Global Plantation Sdn Bhd. Established in 2013, M&H was the brainchild of property experts with a strong sense of entrepreneurship. We are a Private Venture Group enthusiastic about the future. It is our commitment to grow with our community in wealth creation and preservation. The 3P Initiative aims to create a positive impact in three main pillars - people, planet and prosperity.

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