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Deforestation. Climate change.

The cause and its effect are certainly alarming. And the pressing question is – what is the fate of Malaysia and her tropical forests? About 60% of Malaysia land is covered with forest. With forests playing a crucial role to ensure our continued existence, it is deforestation, unsustainable logging, illegal removal of forest products and encroachment that are slowly taking away our future.

According to WWF Malaysia, in 20 years (1983 to 2003) about 4.9 million hectare of forest covering Malaysia was reduced. To help you visualize how huge the area is, just imagine  that forest loss is as large as 4 times the size of Singapore. That’s a disturbing average of 250,000 hectares per year.

The 3P Movement is an initiative to bring unity in Malaysians to play a part in society  to combat deforestation. We strongly believe that the planting of the fast-growing tree seedlings could contribute in providing a solution to the overall Malaysian issue. Additionally, the benefits of these mighty seedlings will extend to enrich not only the people and the planet but our prosperity too.

What is the 3P Movement?
Shortage in Raw Timber

Environmental & Habitat Disruptions

Plant Fast-Growing Trees

The business solution and the life cycle of trees

Forest Friendly Trees

High Growth Rate, High Quality Timber

Fast Growth

Grows to maturity in 4 to 6 years.

Regeneration Abilities

Able to regenerate from a cut stump and grow into another mature tree in 4 to 6 years. The tree can be regenerated 4 to 6 more times.

Grows Well in Malaysia

18 ft height after 8 months. More than 6’’ diameter in less than a year.

CO2 Absorption

Absorb great amount of carbon dioxide during its growth cycle & reduce CO2 emission into the atmosphere.
Our Core Competencies

Why Choose Us

Forestry Management

Strong collaboration with industry experts

Intensive R&D

Advanced seed culture techniques to cultivate clones.

Superior Quality Species

Disease-free, uniform growth and size of fast-growing trees.

Scientific Plantation Approach

From soil analysis, nutrient formulation, irrigation system, to plantation management.

Systematic Management

Plant identification via serial number

GPS Tagged

Each plant is tagged with GPS Coordinates

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About Us

The 3P Movement is managed by M&H Global Plantation Sdn Bhd. Established in 2013, M&H was the brainchild of property experts with a strong sense of entrepreneurship. We are a Private Venture Group enthusiastic about the future. It is our commitment to grow with our community in wealth creation and preservation. The 3P Movement aims to create a positive impact in three main pillars - people, planet and prosperity.

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